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Quantitative Investment
  • Overview
  • Highlights
E Fund quantitative investment team provides comprehensive solutions for our investors. Leveraging advanced quantitative modeling, computer simulation, and data analysis, we aim to deliver long-term, sustainable investment returns. Over the past decade, we have developed a series of investment strategies with varying risk and return characteristics, including index-enhanced, active quant, and quantitative hedging to satisfy the needs of our investors.
  • Our investment culture: open, transparent, collaborative, and sharing
    Within our team, we prioritize full transparency and open access to all models and factors. This approach allows us to benefit from our sharing platform and assessment mechanisms, fostering idea exchanges and cultivating an open, transparent, collaborative, and sharing culture. Through collective efforts, our team engages in research, model construction, and idea exchange, continuously enhancing our investment and research capabilities.
  • Quantitative investment team in a shared platform
    Through in-depth research, the team has developed a comprehensive factor and model library over the years. This lays the foundation for our investment professionals to construct differentiated model-driven investment strategies.
  • Enterprise-level quantitative investment and research infrastructure
    With more than a decade of in-house development, E Fund has established a robust quantitative investment and research system. This system seamlessly integrates various functions, including research, investment, trading, risk management and performance analysis. By integrating external resources and fostering idea sharing, we optimize efficiency at every stage of the investment and research process. We continuously enhance and upgrade this system to strengthen the capabilities of our team.
  • Close cross-team collaboration
    Our quantitative investment team works closely with the active equity and Fin-tech teams, sharing data, research and product innovation ideas. Through the formation of cross-team research groups, we leverage the strengths of each team in quantitative modeling, fundamental research, and data algorithms. This collaborative approach enables us to develop innovative investment strategies that seek stable and outstanding returns.