Mainland China(中国内地)
Multi-Asset Investment
  • Overview
  • Highlights
E Fund’s multi-asset investment is anchored on the Company's comprehensive investment and research platforms. Based on rigorous risk controls, we aim for stable capital appreciation by employing dynamic asset allocation strategies within our investable universe. This approach allows us to achieve steady capital appreciation leveraging the full range of available strategies and while managing risk effectively.
  • Systematic multi-asset investment approach
    Combining top-down and bottom-up approaches, we integrate macro views of economic cycles, industry observations, and in-depth company analysis into our research, and established a systematic multi-asset investment framework.
  • Highly specialized teams
    We divide asset-class experts into different strategy groups. Through active collaboration, we create synergies among these groups, providing wide asset coverage and generating deep insights. The team is committed to deliver alpha sourced from our diverse strategies.
  • Collaborative investment and research platform
    E Fund leverages its rich experience and expertise in active equity, fixed income and other asset classes. This invaluable knowledge directly benefits our multi-asset team, empowering us with industry-leading investment management systems and highly effective operational support.
  • Cross-asset investment solutions
    E Fund's multi-asset team delivers tailored solutions across asset classes, catering to clients' specific investment objectives and risk appetites. Our services encompass strategy design, portfolio construction and operation.