Mainland China(中国内地)
Cash Management
  • Overview
  • Highlights
E Fund offers comprehensive cash management services that place strong emphasis on managing liquidity risk, credit risk, and interest rate risk. This rigorous and effective risk management lays the solid foundation for our smooth and stable operation.
  • Risk-based investment
    Risk management is the priority of our cash management business. We closely monitor and control key risks, such as liquidity risk and credit risk, to strike a balance between risk and return in our products. Our end-to-end risk management approach ensures smooth operation of our products in various market conditions.
  • Extensive cash management experience
    Our investment professionals have years of on-the-ground experience in tracking China’s money market and have weathered multiple market cycles.
  • Full spectrum of product offerings
    We offer a full range of cash management products and solutions with differentiated profiles that fulfill client’s requirements.
  • Proprietary investment management system
    Our proprietary investment management system is tailored to product and risk management requirements. After years of continuous update and iteration, this system helps us effectively adapt to the rapidly expanding cash management business.