Mainland China(中国内地)
FOF Investment
  • Overview
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E Fund offers a range of FOF mutual funds, pension target funds, and segregated mandates. The investment scope can be all-market mutual funds or within E Fund’s mutual fund offerings. Building on our investment and research experience, we uncover investment opportunities from different asset classes, achieve optimal asset allocation through fund selection, and strive to bring long-term sustainable returns for our clients.
  • Diverse product line-up (mutual funds)
    E Fund offers a wide range of FOF mutual funds starting from client’s needs, including retirement funds (target-date and target-risk funds), FOFs that invest in all-market mutual funds(Ruyi series and Selected series), and FOFs that invest in E Fund mutual funds(Superior series).
  • Customized solutions (segregated accounts)
    Based on clients' risk tolerance, FOF investment team crafts strategic asset allocation and suggests suitable benchmarks to provide investment solutions to our clients that meet their risk/return objectives.
  • Ever-evolving FOF investment research framework
    Relying on the Company’s extensive investment research experience, we developed asset allocation, manager selection, and fund selection methods. We also create proprietary Fund Research System, and continuously refine our investment and research framework.