Mainland China(中国内地)
Corporate Responsibility
Beyond investing
As a responsible asset manager, E Fund is more than just investing responsibly for our clients, but reaching out to a variety of stakeholders to make our contribution beyond the financial markets and fulfill our role as responsible corporate citizens.
Giving Back to the Society
We established Guangdong E Fund Charity Foundation (the Foundation) in 2007 with the vision of facilitating social development in China. Over the past 15 years, the Foundation has been actively supporting projects and initiatives in education, rural area revitalization, health care and disaster and emergency response. As of July 31, 2023, the Foundation has participated in 212 projects and granted over RMB261mn (approx. USD36.6mn) for donation in the above-mentioned areas.
Sports field in Linfen Second Primary School
Sichuan Primary School
Women and childcare training program in Panyu
  • Supporting rural areas
    The Foundation continues to leverage its strengths and explore new models for sustainable rural development in key areas such as industry development, talent cultivation, care for special groups, and rural governance. Through concrete actions, it contributes actively to the national strategy of rural revitalization, promotes the effective linkage between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and contributes positive forces to achieving common prosperity.
  • Investing in education
    Over the past decade, the Foundation has provided financial and material support to over 20 universities and more than 10 primary and secondary schools, with the aim of enhancing their teaching environment and capabilities. Through these initiatives, the foundation has helped nearly 10,000 underprivileged students achieve their educational aspirations.
  • Promoting better health care
    For years, the Foundation has been actively contributing towards medical talent development and improving healthcare, including strengthening medical disciplines, enhancing primary healthcare services, and creating a better healthcare environment. These efforts are aimed at making a positive impact on society.
  • Providing assistance and relief during disasters and emergencies
    The foundation quickly responds to major emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents, public health incidents, etc., and actively engages in rescue operations. It provides full support and cooperation in all relevant relief efforts, and takes on its social responsibilities to the fullest.
Embracing Diversity and Staff Wellbeing
At E Fund, we empower our people to fulfill their ambitions, regardless of gender and background. We promote our people based on their ability and performance. For example, at both the company and senior management committee level, we have surpassed the "30%" of female executives & directors mark.
  • 33%
    Percentage of female among key management members
  • 36%
    Percentage of female in the company
as of Sept 30, 2023.
Caring for our people
We are a people-centric & caring company. We support our employees in their well-being. We encourage our employees to form interest groups and sports clubs like running, basketball, and yoga clubs. Furthermore, we are committed to promoting our employees' continuous professional development, in ways including but not limited to building our online academy with rich e-learning materials.
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