Mainland China(中国内地)
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E Fund Asset Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as "E Fund AMC") serves as E Fund's dedicated platform for alternative investments. Established on June 28, 2013, E Fund AMC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of E Fund. It is licensed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) to offer alternative asset management solutions, including private equity and infrastructure investments, to qualified investors.
Business Scope
  • Private equity investment
    At the core of our investment philosophy, we emphasize value investment, fundamental research, and disciplined methodology. Our focus lies primarily on sectors such as medical and healthcare, information industry, consumption, and artificial manufacturing. By harnessing both our in-house expertise and external resources, we actively seek for and invest in companies that demonstrate strong long-term growth potential.
  • Infrastructure investment
    E Fund AMC mainly invests in infrastructure projects with the potential to be structured as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Our investment decisions take into account the factors such as industry cycles and attributes, and the prevailing market environment. Our objective is to generate stable cash flow and achieve asset appreciation through active management and project incubation.
Furthermore, E Fund AMC provides asset management services and engages in other approved businesses under the supervision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. These services are tailored to meet the specific investment objectives and risk appetites of qualified investors.
  • Solid research capability
    With extensive and in-depth research coverage, as well as internal and external research support, E Fund AMC has formed a forward-looking, broad and specialized research framework that caters to different alternative investment products.
  • Effective investment ecosystem
    E Fund AMC provides financial support, industry resources and post-investment services for investees while working with industry capitals to strengthen the ecosystem. Within our portfolio of high-quality investee companies, we seek out exceptional managers and professionals who share common values and beliefs to form long-standing relationships.
  • Professional investment services
    E Fund AMC is committed to delivering customized solutions to qualified investors, addressing their specific return objectives and risk profiles. We leverage our expertise in investment, research, product development, distribution, and post-investment management to provide high-quality and professional services to our clients.