Perspectives | April 07, 2024
Multi-Asset Monthly Market Snapshot - Apr 2024
Pricing continues to be based on the longer-term instruments, reflecting little of the marginal change in the short-term bonds.
Perspectives | April 07, 2024
Index Investment Monthly Market Snapshot – Apr 2024
Entering April, A-share listed companies are poised to release their annual and first-quarter reports. Fundamentals are expected to act as the primary driver of market pricing.
Perspectives | April 07, 2024
FOF Monthly Market Snapshot - Apr 2024
Current economic data are insufficient to prove that strong recovery is coming.
Blogs | April 07, 2024
E Fund High Conviction Equity Strategy: Reflection of 2023
As China’s economy transitions from extensive growth to high-quality development, corporate management demands a more nuanced and refined approach, and we, as investors, need to evaluate investment targets with a higher level of rigor and attention to details.
Perspectives | April 07, 2024
2024 Q1 Quarterly Perspective - Kun Zhang
The market’s risk appetite has notably contracted, as evidenced by the high priority given to static dividend yields in valuations and a skeptical view of growth potential, particularly regarding long-term corporate growth.
Perspectives | April 07, 2024
Fixed-Income Monthly Market Snapshot - Apr 2024
Given the limited upward potential of the demand side, any uptick in yield will be modest.
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