E Fund is a leader in index and quantitative investment management in China's fund industry, in all aspects including assets under management, product innovation and client services.

Quantitative Investment Philosophy

Taking scientific investment as the core principle and, with the help of quantitative, systemic and engineered methods and tools, pursuing continuous and stable excess returns.

Index Investment Philosophy

Taking passive investment as the core principle and, through meticulous, streamlined and systemic management, providing investors with standard, transparent, low-cost investment tools with minimum tracking errors.

Integrated Product Line

E Fund is China's leading provider of index funds with an integrated product line.

Our Profile

E Fund is one of the largest asset managers in China with over USD 189 billion AUM and over 67 million investors, as of December 31, 2017.


Outstanding Innovation Capability

E Fund has pioneered in index fund product design and development.

Strong Quantitative Expertise

E Fund owns China's largest quantitative investment team working with 2 proprietary investment management platforms for index and quantitatively enhanced strategies, respectively.
E Fund owns the only index investment R&D center in the industry and the only index web site, providing a full range of cutting-edge information and investment strategy guidance for investors.

Optimized and Efficient Investment Services

E Fund is currently the only domestic fund management company providing ETF over-the-counter cash subscription and redemption services for institutional investors, offering institutional investors exposure to ETF's with lower cost (saving costs by 60%) and higher efficiency.