On May 27, 2022, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) jointly announced that Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) will be included in the “Stock Connect” program.
Commonly referred to as “ETF Connect”, this mutual market access program allows Hong Kong and overseas investors to trade eligible ETFs listed in mainland via Hong Kong securities firms, and reciprocally, mainland investors can trade Hong Kong listed eligible ETFs through local brokerages.
More broad-based choices
ETF connect offers more mainstream China broad-based indices that have low correlation with global indices, providing Hong Kong and overseas investors more allocation product choices
Unique thematic offers
ETF Connect offers Hong Kong and overseas investors sizable thematic onshore ETF products that can’t be found offshore. Investors can gain exposures to China opportunities, such as technology innovation, biotech, medicine, and artificial intelligence
Easy to set up
ETF Connect allows Hong Kong and overseas investors to trade eligible ETFs without apply for any qualification (unlike the Qualified Institutional Investors program)
Simple operational flow
ETF Connect leverages the existing Stock Connect infrastructure, trading and settlement of ETFs align with that of stocks, enabling seamless operation for investors
ETF Connect Products
Fund NAV Last 1 Month  Last 3 Months Year to Date
E Fund ChiNext Index ETF
Bloomber Ticker:159915CH Equity
-3.77% 7.00% -19.90%
E Fund CSI300 ETF
Bloomber Ticker:510310CH Equity
-1.94% 1.38% -13.11%
E Fund SZSE100Index Fund
Bloomber Ticker:159901CH Equity
-3.17% 2.80% -15.99%
E Fund CSI500 ETF
Bloomber Ticker:510580CH Equity
-2.02% 3.83% -12.53%
E Fund CSI Biotechnology Thematic ETF
Bloomber Ticker:159837CH Equity
-2.83% -0.23% -28.74%
E Fund CSI Artificial Intelligence ETF
Bloomber Ticker:159819CH Equity
-7.39% -3.96% -27.62%
E Fund CSI300 Health Care Index ETF
Bloomber Ticker:512010CH Equity
-2.24% 0.40% -26.11%
Scource: E Fund as of 31st Aug 2022.
Investment involves risk. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
ETF lists that included in the ETF connect scheme are subject to changes and the ETFs listed above might be excluded from the eligible ETF list for ETF connect scheme. Once excluded, the designated ETF cannot be subscribed and can only be traded to sell. This arrangement might have impact on investors’ portfolio. Investors shall refer to SSE, SZSE and HKEX website for the latest updated eligible ETF list.